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Thank you for your interest in joining the Stonewall Brigade. A myriad of different elements attract people to reenacting and different reenacting units emphasis different parts of the hobby. We’d like to tell you a little about our approach to reenacting so you can determine whether the Stonewall Brigade is a good fit for you.

Our Mission

The Stonewall Brigade is a progressive/authentic campaigner reenacting group dedicated to portraying the common Confederate infantryman. We strive to present an authentic, research-based impression of the individual soldiers of the Civil War, to serve as an educational resource for the public, to preserve and interpret history, and to honor the memory of those we portray. Although we are frequently called upon to portray a variety of Confederate units during events, our primary impression whenever possible is of the original Stonewall Brigade.

The Stonewall Brigade was formed in 1980 and serves as an umbrella organization currently encompassing two member companies, the 4th Virginia Infantry Company A and the 33rd Virginia Infantry Company H. The Brigade currently has around fifty members and, during Brigade events, our two member companies merge under our Brigade Staff’s leadership to portray a single Confederate infantry company. Both of our two member companies have a slightly different personality and have different procedures for unit dues, etc… Which company you join is entirely up to you, but many new members will start with the unit closest to their home area. You can easily switch if you find another company is a better match for you. The 4th Virginia Co. A is concentrated in the Shenandoah Valley, Maryland, and southern Pennsylvania. The 33rd Virginia Co. H is concentrated across Northern Virginia, particularly around Leesburg and Manassas, and stretches into central Virginia.


Our Events

The Stonewall Brigade participates in three types of events each year. First are our Brigade events, when we encourage all our members to attend and we form a full infantry company under the leadership of our Brigade staff. There will usually be around five Brigade events a year, including our annual Winter Quarters, a spring camp of instruction to practice drill for the coming year, and several medium or large battle events. The Stonewall Brigade is a proud member of the Southern Division, the premier Confederate campaigner organization on the East Coast, as well as being a part of Civil War Historical Impressions, Inc. and our Brigade events often include working alongside other Southern Division or CWHI units to form battalions and brigades for larger reenactments. Second, we have smaller events organized by our member companies. These are frequently small living history events at local historical sites and battlefields, where the focus is on educating and interacting with the public. Although these are sponsored by just one of the member companies, all Brigade members are welcome to attend. Finally, due to our relationship with a variety of other reenacting organizations, our members are frequently invited to attend their events as individuals outside the Brigade’s organizational structure. To see our current calendar, click here.

How to Join

Individuals interested in joining the Stonewall Brigade should fill out the contact form below or reach out to one of the member companies directly. We will work with you to identify an event for you to attend to allow you to better determine if reenacting with the Stonewall Brigade is a good fit for you. For this first event, we will provide you the uniform, equipment, ammunition, and rations you’ll need for the weekend – you just need to show up and have fun! Some of our members come to us from mainstream reenacting organizations, looking for a more authentic experience. Others are entirely new to reenacting. Either way, if you decide the Brigade is a good fit for you, we’ll work with you and provide you the resources to begin building your impression, buying gear, and learning the basics of drill.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ranks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely nothing. We strongly encourage you to not begin purchasing any gear until you’ve had an opportunity to attend a few events and have decided that reenacting with the Stonewall Brigade is something you’re interested in pursuing further. At that point, we’ll begin working closely with you to select some of your first purchases.
Reenacting is not an inexpensive hobby, but most of the expense comes from purchasing your initial gear. After the initial start-up cost, your recurring costs include small event registration fees, food for events, gunpowder, and upgrades/replacements to your equipment. You should plan on spending roughly $2000-$2500 to outfit yourself with your initial gear, but this expense can and should be spread out over several years as you rely on loaner gear for your first several events. You can also save significant money by purchasing quality used gear from fellow Brigade members or from a variety of online forums. Once you decide to commit, we’ll work with you to prioritize your purchases, ensure that you're getting good value for your money, and find savings whenever possible.
The Stonewall Brigade does not currently have a civilian reenacting component. A small number of our events are relaxed enough that family members could attend in period attire, but for most of our events, it would be inauthentic for women and children to be present in the specific military scenarios we are portraying. Older children can begin carrying a musket at age 16 and, depending on event regulations, children under 16 may be able to participate if they are a functioning musician (drum, fife, or bugle).
We want all Brigade members to put as much or as little time into the hobby as they would like. You can attend ten events in a year or just one. Even if you can only make one or two events a year due to other commitments, we would rather have you in our ranks for those events than not at all. We will usually identify one or two events each year that are our maximum effort events to help you prioritize which weekends to block off. At the end of the day, we all recognize that this is a hobby and that real life frequently takes precedent.
You can find more information about the Brigade and photos of many of our past events here on our website and on our Facebook page. If you’re ready to join, fill out the contact form to the right or email one of the member companies directly.

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